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Doctor Invents Powerful, New Pain Cream That Soothes Your Arthritis, Joint and Muscle Pain For Hours

There’s no doubt about it: healthy joints and muscles are the key to maintaining a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. But as we age, our joints and muscles gradually become stiffer, achier, and less flexible—making even the simplest everyday tasks feel like a chore.

If you feel stiff when you wake up in the morning or have pain throughout the day, just know you’re not alone.

It’s a daily struggle affecting millions of Americans aged 50 and older. And, when you’re hurting, it can feel like there’s no end in sight.

“Enough is enough,” said Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi, M.D., world-renowned pain expert.

You may have watched Dr. Pergolizzi on FOX News or PBS TV, seen one of his lectures, or read about his research in a number of medical journals.

Recognized as one of “America’s Best Doctors” by the American Health Council, Dr. Pergolizzi is an actively practicing physician and most highly sought-after pain specialist.

“In my medical practice, I meet a lot of people who have been suffering for a long time. Many think their pain is just a normal part of life that can’t be changed. The truth is you DON’T have to tough it out, no matter how long you’ve been struggling.”

Several years ago, Dr. Pergolizzi was in Germany researching musculoskeletal relief when he learned about a powerful, soothing oil with a long history dating all the way back to biblical times. He discovered countless stories about this precious “healing oil” that worked wonderfully on joints, muscles, and anywhere it hurt.

To unlock the oil’s innate power, the ancient healers would leave the oil in an open vat for 20 years, allowing the sun’s rays to infuse it with oxygen. Dr. Pergolizzi learned a natural process that shortened this ancient oxygenation process to just three days.

When he returned to the United States, Dr. Pergolizzi brought back his newfound knowledge and spent hours and hours researching ways to make the therapeutic oil even more beneficial. And, little did he know at the time, but what he came up with would go on to transform the lives of thousands of people.

He combined his oxygenated oil with soothing menthol—a commonly used and powerful pain reliever—to round out his formulation.

It’s called Instaflex® Pain Relief Cream, and it sets an exciting new standard for arthritis and muscle relief.

In a landmark clinical, double-blind study, scientists tested Dr. Pergolizzi’s pain reliever against a menthol-only cream. And, the results were astounding...

Instaflex Pain Relief Cream outperformed the menthol-only cream by a shocking 100%. It rubbed away pain in just minutes... and the relief lasted for hours!

As a topical pain cream, Instaflex penetrates deep and works almost immediately to target your problem areas and alleviate your pain. Apply it on arthritic joints, tight muscles, even sore bruises—anywhere it hurts—and feel your pain quickly melt away.

No one should have to live in pain. Whether you love golfing, hiking, biking, or chasing after the grandkids, Instaflex Pain Relief Cream can help you do all activities you enjoy—without pain getting in your way.

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